The Gold Coast Association for Financial Professionals

Faster Payments, Same Day, Real Time,

Third-Parties...What does it mean to me?
Tuesday, March 28th | 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
The Signature Grand | 6900 W State Road 84 | Davie, FL 33317

Speaker: Kevin Olsen, SVP of Payments Education for ePayResources

The Session:  Faster Payments, Same Day, Real Time, Third-Parties…What does it mean to me?


Your Speaker:  What is happening in the world of ACH? In 2016 Same Day Credits started. Now in 2017 we will see the addition of Same Day Debits. What did we learn from releasing credits and what should we expect with debits? NACHA is requiring more information on Third-Parties, do I have to comply and what do they need anyway. There have been all kinds of news and hype about faster payments, what’s really happening, what can we expect and do you really care?

First Annual GCAFP Meeting: $60.00 includes Annual Membership

All future meetings: $40.00

Registration at 11:30 I The program will begin promptly at noon


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